Our History

Fire Em Up Inc. was originally founded in 1999 by the technology’s inventor, Jeffrey Bach, a master certified automotive and diesel technician. Drawing upon his alternative fuels experience, Bach was motivated by the hope of applying this technology to not only gasoline engines, but the diesel engine as well, thereby ultimately resulting in the greatest impact on cost savings and reduction of pollutants in exhaust emissions.

American Engine Systems Company History
Fire Em Up History

By April of 2005, the first patent was filed, and by the end of 2006, the Diesel Magnum had been installed in vehicles spanning three countries.  In May of 2017, Mr. Bach established American Engine Systems LLC, a Florida limited liability company, and incorporated all previous research, and business activity into the new company, which retains all of the benefits of the ongoing business and product development momentum, including:

Emergence as the most exciting and sophisticated new technology in the world for reducing fuel consumption and noxious emissions in internal combustion engines.

Thousands of units in successful operation

40% of installations have been in operations for more than 10 years;

Developing partnerships with Fortune 100 companies for marketing and installation;

Patents in over 39 countries including USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe and China; and

Extensive testimonials from major clients to support performance claims.