Daniel Kurzawski - Director - President - American Engine Systems

Daniel Kurzawski – President

Mr. Daniel Kurzawski holds a B.A. in Management from Central Michigan University and an MBA from Wayne State University. Mr. Kurzawski has a background in the manufacturing and automotive industries growing up in Metro Detroit.

Marvin Keeling – CEO, BOD-Chairman

Mr. Keeling founded Prime Capital Corp. and took it public, led several highly successful technology and service plays. He also created the Keeling Family Foundation which is recognized for its free programs to train and obtain employment for veterans and disadvantaged youth.

Carl N. Pierce - Chief Executive Officer - American Engine Systems

Carl N. Pierce – Acting CFO & Chair Advisory Board

Mr. Pierce is a senior management executive with experience in leading large publicly traded (NASDAQ) and private firms. Mr. Pierce is has worked in finance with start-up businesses and lead turn-around management projects for banks, investors, and business owners.

Christian C. Kofler - Director and Partner - American Engine Systems

Christian C. Kofler – Executive Vice President Investor Relations, BOD

Mr. Christian C. Kofler, CEO and Chief Economist with UniSource Inc. Econometrics, holds a B.A. in Economics from York University, and an MBA, in Economics and Business Administration from York University, Schulach School of Business, Toronto.

Phillip Lovell - Director - Marketing Advisor - Business Development - American Engine Systems

Philip Lovell – President & Treasurer, BOD

Currently located in Germany, Mr. Lovell provides decades of experience advising management of Global Fortune 100 manufacturers and marketers of diesel engines and diesel equipment accessories and related technologies.

Jeffrey R. Bach - Executive Chairman - Founder - American Engine Systems

Jeffrey R. Bach – Chief Technology Officer, BOD

Mr. Bach has championed the power of quality alternative fuel systems to promote clean air. Under his leadership, the company has been decisively positioned as an industry leader with its revolutionary products and services.

Joe Melanouris

Joe Melanouris - Research and Development Supervisor

Joe Melanouris has over 25 years of manufacturing experience. Over the years he has manufactured components for the Space Shuttle, Subterranean Communications, and Military Tanks. He focuses on the design and operations of integrated systems for the production of high quality performance components. Joe is proficient on multiple software platforms. His designing and manufacturing is from conceptual idea to finished product while ensuring efficient and high quality production.

Kathryn Nuckols – Executive Corporate Counsel, BOD

Ms. Kathryn Nuckols, Esq., Chief Counsel with UniSource Inc., holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Central Florida and a J.D. from Florida Coastal School of Law.
Ms. Nuckols currently specializes in EB-5 corporate, securities, and immigration legal work. Since 2013, Ms. Nuckols has represented a diverse range of clients in a multitude of EB-5 offerings, large and small, including the preparation of private placement memoranda and associated securities and corporate documents and the adaptation of such documents to the constantly evolving EB-5 Program.
Keith Campbell - Director - Legal Counsel Intellectual Property - American Engine Systems

A. Keith Campbell – Legal Counsel Intellectual Property

A. Keith Campbell is a registered patent attorney and a McHale & Slavin partner. His practice focuses on both patent prosecution, with an expertise including mechanical technology and metallurgy, and litigation support in federal courts. He has personally written and prosecuted hundreds of patents, including numerous medical patents, and is himself an inventor.

Previously, Mr. Campbell enjoyed a successful career as a Mechanical Engineer where he designed products requiring a strong proficiency in pneumatics, hydraulics, robotics, tool & die making, and metallurgy. This experience was instrumental during his design work on engineering projects for a number of major corporations including NASA, General Dynamics, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Westinghouse, Raytheon, Ford, Toyota and Honda.
Born and raised in Illinois, Mr. Campbell has had a life-long passion for race car driving and has raced with many notables including A.J. Foyt, Al Unser, Jr., and Jeff Gordon.

Hailey Bach – Vice President & Secretary

Ms. Hailey Bach holds a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Colorado Boulder. With over three years of professional experience serving on a Board of Directors for a foundation, Hailey has consistently applied her versatile skill set and maintained a results-driven approach at American Engine Systems.