The Company

Who We Are

Inspired by our founder, we are a group of businessmen, engineers, and humanitarians who produce patented alternative fuel based emission reduction technologies. We design, engineer and manufacture “Made in America” solutions, that address harmful emissions, and the high cost of fuel and operations of Diesel Engines.

What We Do

  1. Develop / build best-in-class Alternative Fuel and Emission Control Technology at scale;
  2. Market / distribute solutions as ethical leaders to land transportation, marine, agriculture, and gen-set communities;
  3. Provide product training and support to our customers.

We Believe…

That only quality products, services and business practices are sustainable which will enhance our long-term interests in economic development and environmental protection.

Why We Exist

American Engine Systems began in response to the weaknesses in the market to provide adequate support to existing Alt Fuel Converted vehicles, their owners and the ecosystems they serve.

We then embarked on designing a solution that would restore, expand and provide resiliency to a Global Market while providing an updated economic model for future expansion.

We intend to redefine Alternative Fuel and Emission Control Technology solutions by focusing on delivering quality products and services in an ethical manner to meet the needs of our stakeholders.